DEVIL IS ELECTRIC, THE: I’ve Never Trusted a Revolutionary That Was Afraid to Dance and a Bunch of Other: CD

Nov 08, 2007

As the album title mentions, this is a re-release of TDIE’s very cool CD that came out a few years ago, along with a bunch of 7” and comp tracks that you might otherwise never get a chance to hear and a few songs from pre- and post-TDIE bands. These folk-punks always makes me feel like I can change the world, one humble step at a time, and remind me that there really are some genuinely down-to-earth people out there who want to make a difference. There are few DIY labels that like to cram as much music as possible on to one CD (not to mention for it to be as inexpensive as possible), and Plan-it-X is one of ‘em, so you’re sure to get a bang for your buck (this CD only costs $5 ppd!). Twenty-five tracks here, though there are actually way more songs than that, as the last two tracks are entire EPs (one being the Disarm 7”—the band who had originally been Operation: Cliff Clavin and later morphed into TDIE). Sadly enough, TDIE disarmed (get it?!) in 2003, but Chris and Hannah are still playing together as Ghost Mice. Not the best sound quality, but lots of good songs about how great and how horrible we humans are. –Heela

 –guest (Plan-it-X)