DETROIT 442: Living In The Age Of Fear: CD

Jul 25, 2007

When I opened this one up, I thought it was a compilation because there is no numbers on the songs, and it says “F.Y.P.” in big letters amongst the other titles. Sweet, I’d love me a comp. with F.Y.P. on it… Nope, “F.Y.P” is more of a mantra for Detroit 442. It stands for “Fuck You People”. If you thought I was let down by that, just fast forward twenty seconds when I put the disc in. My first impression was that they sounded like an Exploited type of band with Joey Shithead singing through some kind of cheap effects gadget. Not pretty. It continued on that way, and somewhere in the middle I convinced myself that it sounded a little like The Motards but that only lasted one song. No thanks.

 –ty (Detroit Noise)