DETONATIONS: Static Vision: CD

Jan 31, 2008

Sounds to me as if somebody imported Seduce or Danzig or The Cult or some other bullshit late ‘80s music into Adobe® Photoshop™ as a tiff file, then, from the drop-down “Filters” menu, selected and applied the “Garage” filter a couple of times. To reside in whatever city this band hails from is now certainly a source of great dishonor. BEST SONG: Well, i thought they did a half-decent cover of T. Rex’s “The Slider.” Oh, wait, we’re still talking about Seduce, aren’t we? BEST SONG TITLE: “Speakereater” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Science has now uncovered a direct correspondence between usage of the Aarco font and inability to distinguish between the correct contexts for the words “your” and “you’re.”

 –norb (Alive)