DETONATIONS: Spy You in a Magazine: 7”

Oct 18, 2006

I like a lot of stuff that Big Neck puts out, so I was kind of disappointed by this record. The music is fine; they seem to be pretty talented and they come up with catchy hooks, but the songs go on long enough to turn the catchy hooks into annoying reminders that the song is still going on. And I’m not too psyched about the guys voice, either. If you want to sing like a robot, sing like a robot. Robots don’t try to hit different notes with every word. The B-side is a Chrome cover. I don’t know the original but it sounds like the A Frames but with the same guy that sang the A-side. Buy a Sweet JAP, Lost Sounds, Baseball Furies, Tyrades, or Trailer Park Tornadoes record from this label instead.

 –josh (Big Neck)

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