DETHWARRANT: All Things Must Kick Ass: Cassette

These five dudes from Chicago don’t disappoint. This tape most definitely kicks ass. The songs are fast and the lyrics are dumb. So if you’re into that stuff, buy this tape! The two guitars and the bass move frantically up and down the neck while the drums pound away with a full and active style. The vocals remind me a little bit of Jello Biafra. That’s a compliment, of course. The songs are about such awesome shit as comparing the two Predator movies, junk mail, being a sexual panther, having dangerous balls, and the Punisher. There are even two songs about the Wolfman! Tight shit. These same songs are also available on a vinyl LP, available on Lucky Gator Records. Tape or record, you pick.

 –Nighthawk (Let’s Pretend)