DETENTION: Too Noisy: 7"

Jul 06, 2007

Ahh... another blast from the past resurrected. These tracks were originally released on BCT tape number ten (I’m Buck Naked) and later re-released on the CD titled Hardcore Amerika, which compiled tracks from BCT tape number three (Eat Me) and number ten. If you don’t know about BCT (Borderless Countries Tapes or Bad Compilation Tapes), look it up, there is a discovery waiting to happen. Here are five live tracks from this New Jersey band that I think still stand the test of time. It’s punk rock that is equally ready to fall apart but magically held together to create that sense of disturbing chaos. On top of that, they had a sense of humor. When so many are serious today and play by so many rules, this band had fun without being blatantly ignorant.

 –don (Ponk-111)

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