DESTRUX: Enter the Thrash Kick: CDEP

Jul 22, 2006

While this would be considered by many to be fairly generic thrashy hardcore and even though it sounds like it was recorded in someone's laundry room, it won me over with its unbridled energy and catchiness. I also like how they manage to attack “the system” and support “the system” simultaneously, like in this line: “we thrash the system and all the things we hate but we like to do rad things too, like drink Coke, play Nintendo, and we like to skate.” Product placement and punk always go great together. So is this a Good Clean Fun type of put-on or are these really just half-witted teenagers obsessed with skating and attacking/supporting giant corporations? I guess it doesn’t matter to me, because I have entered the thrash kick and I like it, whether their heads really are up their asses or not.

 –aphid (Blood Money)

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