May 20, 2014

This is the long-running U.K. band’s love letter to 1970s NYC. With their spot-on, no frills, driving punk’n’roll, they provide a musical tour of the ChelseaHotel, Warhol’s Factory, CBGB’s and more. This is easily one of the coolest punk concept albums I’ve ever heard. It’s also an interesting contrast to the music that came out of NYC at that time. There’s no attempt to mimic the musical style of the New York Dolls or their ilk, although those old NYC bands are clear influences for The Destructors. Also, this is definitely the music of an outsider looking in, perhaps glamorizing a time and a place that has been much glamorized, as opposed to the more streetwise tales that originally came out of the scene. Some of the tragedy is lost in favor of celebration, but that’s the point. This is as much a tribute to all of the music and movies and stories that NYC produced in the ‘70s and the impact they had on The Destructors as it is a tribute to the city itself. 

 –mp (Rowdy Farrago,