DESTRUCTORS, THE: Dead Beat to White Heat: CD

Nov 02, 2010

New release from this long-running U.K. punk band. They have now gone back to their original moniker, after a stint with 666 added at the end of their name. I’m seeing a lot of press that lumps them into the ‘80s oi movement. But most of that genre is not my cup of tea. This band seems to be working outside that narrow framework—with much better results. It’s eighteen songs, so it’s a lot to take in all in one gulp. But “PC Gone Mad” and “Like Watching a Carcrash” are hard-driving rockers. Two covers on here which may be too much for some listeners. I preferred The Electric Prunes cover myself. If you dig ‘80s-style punk like Chelsea or UK Subs, The Destructors would certainly fit neatly into your collection.

 –koepenick (Rowdy Farrago)