Nov 11, 2009

Looks like they’ve dropped the “666” off their name. What you have here is the most recent full-length by a band that has been around nigh on three decades now, once dropped in with the “UK82” crop of bands. They are ridiculously prolific—I believe there hasn’t been an issue in years where Razorcake hasn’t had something from these guys show up in the mail bin—and they’re more or less consistent in delivering tracks that are worth a listen at worst. This ‘un is a bit of a concept album, with all the songs addressing the police. The odd numbered tracks are originals, and the even tracks are covers of tunes originally put to good use by the likes of Dead Kennedys, DOA, 999, Girlschool, and The Filaments. While I’m surprised they didn’t cover Black Flag’s “Police Story,” which I figure would’ve been sonically more up their alley than, say, “Nasty Nasty,” they do, turn in, serviceable versions and the originals show wit and are catchy enough in their own right.

 –jimmy (