DESTRUCTORS 666 / $UP: No Parasan: EP

Sep 25, 2007

I didn’t like the three songs by $UP on this EP. The band could be described as apocalyptic death ska, a combination that might sound interesting but is about as appetizing as warmed-up opossum road kill. Maybe if I were thirteen I’d think this was really great, but it just seems kind of dumb and not in a good way. Punk, ska, and metal are, in my opinion, flavors that just don’t seem to go together; like covering an ice cream sundae with mustard. The second half of this EP is by the oi band Destructors 666 which seems like kind of an odd pairing. It’s pretty decent, with an interesting cover of the Sonics classic “Psycho.”

 –Jason Donnerparty (Sound Recordings Rowdy Farrago,