DESTRUCTORS 666: Sachen Lassen Mit Fremden Machten: CD

Mar 17, 2008

Destructors are a U.K. band that has been around since the ‘80s, or at least their name has sans the 666. The bass player, being the only original member still in the group, has taken over the vocal duties. Back in the day, the original unit shared the stage with the likes of UK Subs and the Damned. The resurgent line up has released mass amounts of material as of late, and the subject matter seems to revolve around science fiction. They like space ships. So if you like mid tempo punk tunes about space ships, asteroids, ray guns, and the movie Plan 9, you’ve found your flagship. I am by no means cool, but I think I my personality would have to reflect that of Comic Book Guy to appreciate this CD. Worst space ship band ever!

 –Dave Disorder (Rowdy Farrago,