DESTRUCTORS 666: Many Were Killed, Few Were Chosen: CD

Sep 20, 2007

I’ve gotten nearly an EP per issue from these guys over the last couple of years, so it’s nice to see they’ve decided to forego yet another and go for broke with a full-length. Considering their pedigree (they started out as the Destructors way, way back in 1977, broke up, one dude went on to play with the Blanks before reforming the Destructors and taking them into the next decade, where they became part of the infamous U.K. ‘82 crop of punk bands), it comes as no surprise their sound harkens back to the so-called “glory days” of U.K. punk. What is surprising is they sound just as relevant and as energetic as they did lo those many years past. The speed of their tunes leans more toward mid-tempo punk than minimalist thrash these days, but they can still belt them out with a power and conviction many new bands seem unable to muster. The lyrics alternate between the serious and the not-as-serious, and there’s even a remake of the aforementioned Blanks’ “The Northern Ripper” on here.

 –jimmy (Rowdy Farrago)