DESTRUCTORS: 131313 – Malchance: CD

Jul 19, 2014

I swear this is like the tenth Destructors release I’ve reviewed and probably the best. The Destructors were a second tier studs and spikes band back in the early ‘80s and their meat and potatoes plod punk had a little charm, I must admit. This release doesn’t sound anything like the band of old, but does boast some of the original members. This is speedy generic “punk” made by a bunch of fat fifty year olds. In the day and age of visceral, exciting punk bands across the globe, this is pretty much the last thing I need to hear. Their mangled version of “Eleanor Rigby” almost made my ears bleed. I’m sure there’s an audience for this band at a prehistoric event like Rebellion Fest where they get to play alongside a bunch of other second rate bands from the early ‘80s. Me? I’ll be hitting repeat on the Warthog disc. 

 –Tim Brooks (Rowdy Farrago)

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