DESTROYED, THE: Outta Control: CD

Jun 10, 2008

This is, apparently, a sequel to an earlier CD released by the drummer, which, presumably for benefit of family, friends, the guys down at work and maybe two or three other people, collected what i assume to be his life’s entire recorded output on one handy compact disc; said output consisting primarily of work in the late ‘70s with the Boston punk band The Destroyed, plus two mysterious collaborations with fancy-pants guitar player Henry Kaiser (?!). And, because YOU demanded it, this follow-up features six recently-recorded tracks of the drummer drumming and the singer singing and playing guitar on midtempo punk tunes about death via bludgeon and the electric chair, plus the guitar-playing singer’s original demo version of one of said compositions, plus two more Jeff Beck (i think?) styled guitar wig-outs with Henry Kaiser, plus ten Destroyed tracks ca. 1977-79 taken from old cassettes. I think i speak for all us guys here at the shop when i say that we’re all proud as punch of you, and are certain you’ve got a great future ahead of you in The Biz! BEST SONG: “We Got It,” but pretty much all that old Destroyed stuff is kinda great simply because the singer’s rampant and shameless Iggyisms are so Ig-tastically over the top that they make Rik L Rik’s contemporaneous Iggishness seem positively Bowie-esque by comparison. BEST SONG TITLE: For pure sleekness, i enjoy “Let’s Go Electric,” but the sentimental favorite is “Don’t Worry, That Train Ain’t Gonna Hit You” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Though the band is Boston-based, the Lemmy-lookin’ drummer sports a White Sox – not a Red Sox – cap. NINE-teen-SEVEN-teen! (clap! clap! clap-clap-clap!) NINE-teen-SEVEN-teen! (clap! clap! clap-clap-clap!)

 –norb (Bert Switzer Media Empire, Ltd.)