DESTROY: Discography: CD

Jul 16, 2009

This is the predecessor band to Code 13. Felix of Havoc Records fronted both bands. Destroy was a landmark band out of the Minneapolis scene during the early ‘90s. During that period, a new birth of DIY hardcore was igniting due to music becoming so bland and the after effects of the “crossover” scene. Bands like Destroy, Drop Dead, Born Against and others of the time jumpstarted their respective scenes and brought together like-minded people to play music they wanted to hear. I have to admit that I barely paid attention to this band during that period. But listening to it now, I’m the one who missed out on the opportunity to experience it firsthand. Hearing music in a historical perspective is well and good, but does not compare when it is experienced in the present. The music on this release does not sound dated and can compete with many of the bands of today. Their mixture of crust, hardcore, and blast beat thrash is done with precision and energy. Felix’s vocals are dead-on powerful and makes you wonder how he maintained his voice through a whole tour from all the screaming and growling. The drummer maintains hyperspeed rhythms that most humans couldn’t maintain playing for a few seconds. At least, not me. The guitars are recorded with a solid sound that is crucial for this type of music to achieve its power. The bass always ties it all together. This is the reason after all these years that you see the band’s patches on kids’ clothes.

 –don (Havoc)