DESPERAT: Demokrati Eller Diktatur?: 7”

I liken d-beat to the relationship with your favorite beer: it’s still fucking refreshing no matter how many times you’ve partaken. Desperat are all lifers when it comes to the genre (Mob 47 members!) and from the mayhem exhibited here, they show no signs of tiring, with a sound that so many punks hold dear. Typically, I’d be a little less than enthused with such high production values but I’d be a lying asshole if I said it doesn’t work perfectly here. The cymbal sound is like they’re playing right in front of you; and for that alone, they definitely got their money’s worth. Personal taste disclosure: nobody (besides the mighty Discharge, of course) does it better than the Swedes. So if you’re into Krigshot, Totalitär, and Kvoteringen, then you absolutely need this.

 –Juan Espinosa (Beach Impediment, [email protected], [email protected])