DESOLATION: Self-titled: CD

Aug 15, 2006

A one-shot sonic onslaught brought forth by dudes from other bands you’ve heard of, such as Strung Up and Born/Dead. Dark and brooding stuff with elements of Finnish/Scandi hardcore mayhem, Japanese metal, and straight-up thrash all wrestling for dominance. You’ve already got an idea of what you’re getting yourself into before you listen to it: it’s on Prank, there’s appropriately apocalyptic artwork from Pushead, Sugi, and Jeremy Clark and it features the first foil-stamped cover I’ve ever seen on anything besides comic books. From what I’ve gathered they’ve already called it quits. It’s not something I’ll find myself listening to very often, but I know plenty of kids who drool over this stuff—it’s dark, atmospheric, played extremely well, and there’s no doubt at all that they knew exactly what they were doing when they recorded this album.

 –keith (Prank)

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