DESGUACE: Yo Me Se Cuidar: LP

Jul 02, 2009

You know what’s great about punk? Well, there’s a lot, but one thing is the fact that there really are a ton of awesome records out there by bands you’ve never heard of. Take Desguace, for example. You’ve never heard of them, right? I hadn’t before I got this record. I never would have known they existed. Still, this record is some killer shit. Its awesomeness is not subject to debate. This is vicious and fast. All of the lyrics are in Spanish, but that doesn’t matter. It’s the definition of punk. You could buy it and share it with your friends—none of whom have heard of this band either—and they’d all agree that this is the real deal. Or you could buy it and it could be your little secret. Your call.

 –mp (Trabuc)