Descending Memphis: By Robert R. Moss By Koepenick

Nov 23, 2015

Taking the building blocks of hard-boiled crime fiction writers like Jim Thompson and George Pelecanos, Robert Moss wove a story that kept me riveted to each page. The action is set in the South in the 1950s. You can feel the grit, see the greasy eggs, and smell the home fries coming off the pages. Rock music, double dealing, and hard drinking offer up twists and turns throughout the tale. It is a mystery that truly kept me guessing. The author may have started off expressing himself in the harDCore punk scene, but this book will bring new fans from far and wide. I’m ready for the next novel with Tommy Rhodeen, and you will be too if you take a chance on Descending Memphis. –Sean Koepenick (Self-published,

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