Mar 25, 2009

I was one of those awkward kids in school. Punk rock gave me an identity that I have carried for over twenty years. When I first bought the Milo Goes to College LP, I felt instant validation. It connected to me then as it still does now. The line-ups have mutated, but the formula remains the same. A teaser EP, ‘Merican, came out first this year and blew me away. They’re one of the few bands from the early ‘80s that can still kick out jams. Anticipation was high after hearing that. Todd Taylor reported to me that the full length is “fuckin’ good!” I was so excited. When I left Razorcake HQ to pick up review material, I popped the sucker in the CD changer in my car. I rarely ever do that. I started the car and turned my stereo up. I’m no typical punk rocker. I have to have a 200-watt stereo system with some booming subwoofers that cost me a pretty penny in my truck to play my punk rock. Ooh, ha! I’m in familiar territory here. That oh-so-familiar bass playing of Karl shakes out of the speakers. Milo’s voice provides me the comfort that things are going to be all right. Bill’s intricate lead drumming bang away in a positive heartbeat. Stephen continues on with a great guitar sound that is so sweet up front but will bite you in the ass if you aren’t paying attention. My highlight track has to be “Mass Nerder.” Changing the Germs’ lyrics of “We Must Bleed” to “We Must Read” is fucking classic! I hate to say it, but this is better than the last three albums combined. That is no small chump change. Those albums are great, but this one is so much better. Jimmy Alvarado and I are kinda the old goats of this cooperative. If he hates this, he needs a colonic.

–don (Fat)