DERROTA: Asko Inifinito: LP

Jul 03, 2009

Blazing hardcore punk from Spain. Derrota sounds like E-150 crossed with Drive Like Jehu. A weird combination that works well from these guys. You get the thrashy speed and recklessness of the aforementioned E-150, then you also get the jangly and disjointed guitar sound, the driving tempos and rhythms of a band like Drive Like Jehu thrown in with a huge amount of tension to keep you listening. The pacing for this album is pretty good. They switch up tempos from speedy to mid tempo, with some thrashy and bouncy songs mixed in to break up the onslaught. Some songs come on in a thrashing rage and end on a slower, spaced-out note, like “Critter.” The final track, “Abismo Interior,” has a bit of a stoner rock outro, with the lumbering pace and repeated riff over a din of noise and crashing cymbals. The guitar sound of this band is awesome: classic punk distortion, and when called for, clean and precise to lift the song above the fray. A great example of these contrasting styles can be heard in the song, “Asfalto Muerto.” Comes packaged with a large format lyric booklet that has translations in German, French, and English. Great record all the way through.

 –M.Avrg (Trabuc)