DEROZER: Mondo Perfetto: CD

Sep 18, 2009

Derozer are an upbeat Italian equivalent of the best of Bad Religion brashly blastin' a mindblowin' montage of mayhemic melodicore magnificence! The impressively flashy musicianship is a blistering blitzkrieg barrage of steady, precise, and relentlessly furious instrumental mastery: fiery staccato eruptions of frenzied guitar wizardry, thunderous godlike bass rumblings threateningly looming larger than the big ol' bouncy balls of King Kong on a rapturous pussy-seekin' rampage, thick brick-bashin' chunks of deliriously hard-driven drumming madness, and smooth but somewhat gravelly spit-spewin' vocals dramatically drenched in emotion, energy, and everlasting elation. And I'll be delightedly damned, even though the lyrics are sung entirely in Italian, the resiliently sapid songs contained herein are universally appealing and aurally all-encompassing... indeed, they're immensely engaging enough to traverse the seven seas, cross the seven continents, and cozily find a home deep within your inner ears. After just one life-altering listen to this distinctly dynamic disc, I euphorically felt compelled to rocket to the moon and back again while loudly lauding the soul-stirring sounds of Derozer... it's that damn good, folks!

 –guest (KOB, Mad Butcher)

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