DEREK LYN PLASTIC: The Smell of My Room Vol. 2: Serious Injuries: CD

Mar 03, 2011

Derek Lyn Plastic (yes, that’s one guy, not a band name) has been putting out dark, angry new wave-ish songs with keyboards for a bunch of years now. This CD has twenty songs, including four demo versions. Three of the demo versions are of songs that are already on this CD. It’s overkill, particularly for this type of sound. I’m torn here—at first you think he’s doing something pretty unique, and it’s really close to being something I could get into, but I think the problem is the way he sings or how it comes across—kinda too affected, too aggressive, even, maybe. If you like dark new wave, or if you like Jay Reatard (which everyone should!), you should at least listen to one or two of these songs online and decide for yourself. America=democracy. You decide.

 –maddy (NMG)