DEREK LYN PLASTIC: Invisible Skin: 7”

Jan 31, 2008

Todd has a conversation with himself.



T1: It’s one-man new wave band?



T2: Yes. It says it was written, performed, and produced by one dude.



T1: Is it any good?



T2: Better than that.



T1: It smacks of novelty.



T2: Sure it does.



T1: It doesn’t look like a new wave record.



T2: Nope, it sure doesn’t. Skulls aren’t heavily incorporated into new wave. Not as much as stripes.



T1: Does he wear a skinny tie, at least?



T2: There’s no picture of him. Just of someone passed out on the cover, but I don’t think it’s a picture of him.



T1: What’s so good about it?



T2: It’s surprising, when new wave doesn’t have that many surprises. It’s like ska. The mode’s set. It really depends on how well the songs are written. For christ sake, “Hardcore Addicts” sounds like Ministry minced with New Town Animals, but it’s really good. Demented, even.



T1: Get out.



T2: No, it’s like he found a new gateway through the trapped universe of new wave. It’s still catchy, the keyboards are still there, but the guitars and drums are turned up and hit hard. Nothing wrong with that.



T1: From the Northwest, at least?



T2: Atlanta of all places. Damn, it’s manic stuff. Mind if I flip it over again?



T1: Not at all.



T2: Folks who dig Dirtnap’ll lap this shit up. Left field surprise of the issue for me.



 –todd (Derek Lyn Plastic)

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