Mar 17, 2008

Frayed at the seams, this is some ‘80s hardcore worship that sounds like it’s just barely keeping itself from falling apart. There’s a strange vocal blend going on, too: I’m hearing both Martin from Career Suicide and Ryan from the Manholes, which is one fuck of a weird, snotty combo, I assure ye. There’s also a surprising amount of Greg Ginn channeling in the guitars, which offsets the fact that the songs themselves last just a tad longer than they need to. Not sure who the dude’s yelling at in the first song, “The Doombird Cometh,” when he screeches, “Wave your white flag, you pussies!” because virtually no information’s included, least of all lyrics. Still, one gets the feeling that these guys would tear up your basement like dervishes if you gave ‘em a shot at it.

 –keith (Der Todesking)