DER FADEN: “Best Guess” b/w “Filaments”: 7"

Sep 18, 2015

I often wonder if Todd and Daryl make little puzzles for me to solve. Trails of breadcrumbs to keep my brain ticking. Pulled this out and thought, “Great, some German emo shit,” threw it on… wait a second! This sounds like the Statues, one of my favorite bands, the Statues? Couple of key clicks and I’m on the money. Rob from the Statues with his fiancée Sarah. It’s just great songwriting and recording by a dude who knows how to write a jam. The singing is undeniably Rob from the Statues but music is straight up 1980 power pop: Pointed Sticks meets the Outcasts. A look at the label and I realize my mate Chris at Dirt Cult jumped on this. Lovely little two songer! 

 –Tim Brooks (Dirt Cult,

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