Dec 13, 2007

I really love this album. Admittedly, I grabbed this CD mainly because the band was named after the Circle Jerks song and my convoluted thought process went something like this “Circle Jerks = godlike, therefore, this band = good maybe…” What I discovered is some excellent melodic hardcore that’s pissed off in all the right ways. These guys fall on a very pleasant middle ground that is so narrow that I didn’t even realize existed before listening to this. The band is just a bit more aggro than Kid Dynamite, but ever so slightly more melodic than Paint It Black. I’m saying this partially because the bassist is wearing a Paint It Black shirt in the booklet, but I find this description fits the band perfectly. Did I mention these guys are from Germany? Well, they’re from Germany. In the tradition of many of the best hardcore albums, this clocks in at around twenty minutes for fifteen songs (many of which manage to include at least one breakdown), so get it and prepare to memorize some lyrics for the inevitable stage-diving sing-along if these guys ever tour state-side.

 –Adrian (Yo-Yo)