DENTS, THE: Time for Biting: CD

Oct 18, 2006

Female-fronted pop punk is a touchy subject for a lot of people. How do you get around that one of the most obvious parts of their music is a female voice? It smacks of being a ghetto until bands like the Dents, the Soviettes, and Beautys come along and smash that shit to bits. The voices are just the starting point, not the finish line. I posit this: The Dents have recorded the album that the Eyeliners have been shooting for for the better part of a decade. This album’s filled with super-catchy songs that don’t all blend into one another. It’s sexy without relying on being cutesy, rockin’ without being bitchy or man-hating. Everything—from the recording, to the delivery, to the song structures—is clear, raucous, sonorous, and exciting. It’s one of those records where my favorite song has changed four times until I came to the conclusion of, “Why split hairs?” This record’s an amazing debut.

 –todd (Abbey Lounge)

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