…to be brutally frank, if you’re already in possession of the “Excuse My Spunk” CD, your Dennis Most & the Instigators collection is more than adequately stocked. To further the thought, while i imagine, rightly or wrongly, that stuff from the 70’s like “Excuse My Spunk” and “Penetrate” might very well have bequeathed profound influence on the likes of GG Allin & The Jabbers, and while i also applaud the “let’s turn it up to 10!”sentiment of 2004’s “I’m Not Dead Yet,” anyone who doesn’t think that weak, white, “new wave” covers of ballsy classics like the Equals “Baby Come Back” were precisely what caused hardcore to invent itself in 1981 is sadly misinformed. However, i can say, with some conviction, that this is the first time i’ve ever reviewed anything containing a Bubblepuppy cover. Wheee! BEST SONG: “Penetrate” BEST SONG TITLE: “Don’t Take Me for Granted, Janet” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Comes with a DVD of Dennis Most & Audiolove playing at Xavierian Bros. High School in 1976. The best part ((besides the Hollies cover)) is that they’re playing in front of a banner that clearly says “SASS.”

 –norb (Dagger)