DENIZENS, THE: Danger in Disneyland +2: 7"

Jun 21, 2007

Striped-shirt bubblegum punk from Detroit, hauled out of the vault and finally seeing the light of day. The funny thing is this was recorded in 1979 and sounds nearly identical to stuff that bands like the Connie Dungs and Beatnik Termites were putting out fifteen or twenty years later. We’re talking buzzsaw pop and big hair. Not as tough as the Dead Boys and way more straight forward then the Stooges, but a decent record notwithstanding. “Danger in Disneyland” is a studio track and the two on the flip are live tracks that show the band could dirty it up a bit when they wanted to. If they’d been around fifteen years later, labels like Mutant Pop would’ve been shitting their pants over this band. Pretty decent record despite the fact that the band photo on the sleeve makes them look like they were trying to be on a Bay City Rollers tribute comp.

 –keith (Young Soul Rebels)