DEMONICS, THE: Dunebuggy Gang: 7”

Aug 24, 2009

NOTE: All my 7” reviews were done with the lights out this issue. WHAT I THOUGHT IN THE DARK: Song #1: Neat instrumental, considering it reminds me of both Agent Orange and Radio Birdman, two of the most overrated bands ever, plus i gotta crank the stereo so high to wring any volume out of this 45 i’d probably blow a fucking fuse if i had the lights on right now. Song #2: “Dunebuggy Gang?” Whoever wrote this piece of shit oughtta be dragged thru a gravel pit behind one, unless they honestly woke up one day in such a state of dementia they truly believed they were the male coming of Nikki Corvette, in which case they should merely be locked up and sedated heavily. Song #3: This song, apparently entitled “California Nightmare,” is, without question, the GAYEST FUCKING WASTE OF SONIC WAVES i have EVER heard IN MY LIFE. This song is so fucking gay the only way i’m going to be able to sleep at night is to pretend it was all just a clever and ironic parody. This is the kind of shit your roommates wake you up with at like 3 AM on Thursday morning. In a word: “One Way Ticket to Manitowoc.” Wait, that’s more than one word. WHAT I THOUGHT WHEN THE LIGHTS CAME ON: Wait, the Demonics? Is this the same Demonics who didn’t used to suck, or is this a whole new Demonics who have been invented with sucking as job #1? BEST SONG: This record is a piece of shit. BEST SONG TITLE: This record is a piece of shit. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This record is a piece of shit.

 –norb (Gearhead)