Jul 22, 2006

I rolled my eyes. A psychobilly/punk band with a blank-city-noun name. What will they sing about? Aliens, zombies, necromancy, surfing on Mars, and maybe a murder or two after a trip to the asylum? Au contraire, this is good. Really good. Not perfect, but they will be—and soon. This Tucson foursome is creepy but not campy, disturbed but not mental, deeply pained and tightly wound. Their pressure-cooker steam is slowly relieved—a controlled explosion, a slow burn, cathartic. Vocally reminiscent the Murder City Devils, the Demon City Wreckers blow past the pretentiousness of the usual RAB/psycho outfits while still incorporating the expected elements—a steady rhythm section (the stand-up player actually knows more than one bass line), metallic guitar, and heady, emotive vocals, albeit a bit strained at times. But it works. Deep, throaty, rumbling, tight, and mesmerizing from numerals I to X. Catchy and rockin' on "Left for Dead," driving and pounding on "Inner Demons" and fantastically "Love You to Death"-esque (Meteors) on "Thirty-ninth and Norton," presumably the homicide song. ("The sun came up today, as I drove away, I think they just found out about me. Blood stains on dirty sheets, rolled up in my back seat.") Should they be graced with fortitude (and better production), they'll be around blasting your ears for years. My kind of rockin'.

 â€“thiringer (Psychobilly US)