DEMOLITION DOLL RODS: There Is a Difference: CD

Swamp-blues swagger that plods along at two miles an hour. I don’t know, like if the Muffs and/or the Detroit Cobras were collectively hit by semis, dragged along the freeway past a few exits, subsequently hurled into the ocean and hauled to the sea bottom by turtles? The point is: it’s slooow, damaged and, yeah, torturous. I’ve heard the name for years, and they’re on Swami, so there must be tons of kids who dig the slop-savant, I-could-walk-faster-than-this rock they’re peddling, but I’m not one of them. There are a few moments on here (“Lil’ Naked” resonates eerily like something from Horses-era Patti Smith), but the good just doesn’t come anywhere near outweighing the awful.

 –keith (Swami)