DEMENTED ARE GO: In Sickness & In Health/Kicked out of Hell: CD/CD

May 26, 2008

Most known musically for their scratching vocals, deliberate and twangy guitar, and disciplined bass control, DAG are one of the founding members of British psychobilly. Mark Philips’ heavily partied, panty-creaming, baritone voice is one of the most imitated today. They pushed the envelope on gory and perverse lyrical content and perplexed audiences with their often gender-bending appearance. In Sickness & In Health is their first long-player, released in 1986 on ID Records. It includes favorites like “Pervy in the Park,” “(I Was Born A) Busted Hymen,” “Holy Hack Jack,” “Rubber Love,” and “Don’t Go in the Woods.” Kicked out of Hell is a reissue of their second full-length album, originally released in 1988, also on ID. Includes standards like “Satan’s Rejects,” “Cripple in the Woods,” and “Cast Iron Arm,” and some of my own favorites, “Shadow Crypt,” “Old Black Joe,” and “Vietnam.” Both albums are excellent reminders that psychobilly is a culmination of a decades of influences and musical talent beyond merely sick, sloppy, fast, and out of control. 

 â€“thiringer (Anagram/Cherry Red)

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