Jul 03, 2009

The bio for this release from Delicate Noise states, “warm and sentimental songs wash in and out with lullaby-like melodies, augmented with disembodied voices of children playing.” And while I like the sound of the first part I wasn’t real down with the “disembodied voices of children playing.” That’s mainly because, while I love my nephew, I don’t like a lot of other kids and to hear them on various tracks saying things repeatedly as it’s synced with a repetitive beat just kept reminding me of when little kids say “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” repeatedly until they get their mom’s attention. Except, in the case of this album, I couldn’t tell what the kids were saying. I’ll admit, as someone who doesn’t want children, I’m probably the worst possible person to review this. That being said, this album would’ve been a lot better if it had just been the music and not any vocal accompaniment at all (child or otherwise). And by better, I mean for someone who actually likes electronica music. I’m probably the worst possible person to review this for that reason, too.

 –kurt (Lens)