DEL-TOROS: Surfival of the Rockest: CD

Nov 02, 2015

From the name of the album alone, you already know that you’re going to get fuzzed-out, jangly surf guitar in spades. Del-Toros don’t just bring the surf though. The band also brings a bit of spaced-out garage rock and a punk rock sensibility to the mix. Their songs with vocals tend to be punchy, with good riffs that make the head bob. Long instrumental breaks—including a couple of fully instrumental tracks—either end songs or serve as extended bridges between them. I tended to prefer the parts that had vocals, as some of the longer instrumental riffs felt like they dragged on a bit long. Of the instrumental tracks, “Static Ejection No. 10” was my favorite, partly for its sweet harmonica solo. Surf rock fans are sure to dig Del-Toros, but the jammy instrumental parts might lose a lot of listeners. 

 –Paul J. Comeau (Lighttown Fidelity)