DEL PSYCHOS: The Fajita Monologues: CD

Oct 18, 2006

While it would be easy (and unfair) to dismiss these guys as a pop band with more than their share of ‘60s influence, one can hear a cornucopia of different bands and sounds in there, from the early work of the Who and the Byrds to later power pop darlings like the Quick, as well as a twinge of ‘80s paisley underground, and maybe even a little bit of the Dickies thrown into them multi-part harmonies as well. A tough dance it is these days to do this stuff effectively, but they manage to do so quite well. A glance at the songwriting credits indicates these guys (or at least their guitarist/vocalist J.R. Jones) have been slogging it out for at least twenty years, and it shows. Good stuff.

 –jimmy (Lightning Bug)

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