DEGENERATE #16: $5, 8½ x 11”, 16 pgs.

Sep 22, 2015

Writer Sam Lebfevbre has a writing style that is esoteric but charming. It can sometimes meander, like he’s writing fluid train of thoughts to his own musings, as disjointed from one conscious thought to the next, with the similar stylings of format from one page to the next—like a lens that goes in and out of focus. Degenerateoffers interviews with artists, musicians (sometimes punk and sometimes not), with music and book reviews, pictures, musings, and the like. Degenerate #16 has a perspicacious interview of punk artist/ photographer/ hardcore icon Martin Sorrondeguy discussing Los Crudos, Latin culture in punk, politics, and giving back to the community. And Practice of Deep Listening is pondered with Pauline Oliveros; an insightful interview and also really weird bonus. There is a smattering of reviews of LPs, singles, books, and Nightcrawler(the movie). It should be duly noted that #16 comes with Violence Creeps (Oakland) first flexi, featuring “I’m Broke” b/w “Gridlock”—and it’s knuckle-dragging punk at its finest. Cover art is print over old atlas maps? Degenerate is always a strange but interesting read. –Camylle Reynolds (Degenerate, PO Box 3272BerkeleyCA94703)