DEFIANCE: The Very Best of…: CD

Sep 18, 2015

Pretty shoddy packaging for a “Best of,” which smells of cheap cash-in. The tunes lying within, however, are tremendous. As with stuff from the past, there needs to be some context to understand the present. Long before the Warped Tour and clowns with mohawks in shopping malls, there were a select few American bands with liberty spikes, studded jackets, and a political agenda. While Fat and Epitaph started their roads to glory, bands like Resist, Deprived, and Defiance carried the torch for UK82. I saw Defiance in a squat in London in the early ‘90s and they were great, even though we laughed at how “punk” they were. This shit all stands the test of time, sounding like a politicized Abrasive Wheels. I have all this shit on vinyl, so this crap CD is landfill. If you missed out, dig in. 

 –Tim Brooks (Jailhouse,

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