DEFIANCE, OHIO: Midwestern Minutes: CD

Sep 07, 2010

Defiance, Ohio seem smart enough to know that they’re dancing on sharpened swords. They see that the edges are honed and so shiny they’re reflective. These swords can be melted down into plows that will irrigate future fields of highly productive records that’ll bloom bountiful and beautiful. They also can see that these swords can be turned into guillotines. Or can remain swords and people get stabbed and gutted and beheaded by swords. Oh, folk punk, what a mistress, what a double-edged sword. Defiance, Ohio are dancing on the sharpened swords of folk punk and they’re one of the best bunch of dancers on the planet right now. Do they supersede a made-up label—that they didn’t ask for—slapped to their side like international luggage going through customs? What do I know? I know that Midwestern Minutes is a well realized record that’s super duper pleasant, played with traditional instruments and high levels of conscientiousness and preciousness.

 –todd (No Idea)