DEFEKTORS: The Bottom of the City: LP

Wow! I have the two singles, and they’re pretty good, but this album totally surpasses any expectations I had towards these guys. The music has become more urgent and direct, shedding some of the instrumental touches but gaining more power. There’s definitely an early Wipers influence in the music, with the jittery rhythms and skirting the territory between punk and post punk. The influence is really apparent on the “Burning Light,” which goes off into “Youth Of America” territory with its duration and surf guitar sound. Songs tend to stay in the mid-tempo range, but can get really lit up, as on “Kickfirstone,” which starts off much in the same way as the others, then it’s fast and in your face. Head on over to the last record store in town and get it.

 –M.Avrg (Nominal / Grotesque Modern,