Nov 15, 2011

It’s a three-band show that’d totally rule. Three contemporary punk bands on three different channels, but all on the same wavelength, if that makes any sense. Defect Defect: Colin couldn’t be clearer. He’s calling out all punks who got “too old” and have “given in.” I can almost see his crooked glasses slipping off his face as he sings this. Black Flag? Absolutely. Damaged, not TheProcess of Weeding Out. Lines drawn. Tough love. Napalmed babies. I’m down. Daylight Robbery: Sounds like their records come with a spool of police tape that raps around your stereo as it plays. It cordons off a crime scene, sets the place in noir-ish blacks and whites, expands to ten times its original volume, and carefully inspects and detects. Think X, Los Angeles, not Hey Zeus! Foreign Objects: I blame professional wrestling. When I did a podcast with Bill Pinkel and he played the Foreign Objects, I was like, “Oh, there was an L.A. band called that.” No, no there wasn’t. It was Legal Weapon. The professional wrestling opposite of a Foreign Object. Although the guitar plays “Just Another Damn Song” by Bad Brains, this is totally Legal Weapon-y, Death of Innocence, not Squeeze Me like an Anaconda. Summation: Oh, hell yeah, I hear echoes of bands before. But it’s the best echoes, not the questionable ones (that loved the Grateful Dead and hair metal). Run that correct shit up a pole. Great stuff.

 –todd (Dirt Cult)