DEECRACKS: Attention! Deficit Disorder: CD/LP

May 13, 2011

Monster Zero is a DIY punk label out of the Netherlands run by the dudes from the awesome band The Apers. I guess they had a busy year in 2010… put out a bunch of stuff. This debut LP/CD was one of them, and I love it! Can I be frank with you? Even after all the memories made, good and bad, I’m ready to trash all of my Screeching Weasel and Queers on my hard drive and replace it with this one fourteen-track album. Seriously! It’s that good and that much better. Fuck all the rest… if I’m going to subject myself to Ramones-influenced punk instead of just popping the Ramones in, this is what I’m going to grab the next time I get that urge. This three-piece hails from Austria and I guess I already missed their first U.S. tour! What? No! Come back!

 –mrz (Monster Zero)