DEECRACKS: Attention! Deficit Disorder: CD

May 27, 2011


There is a double edged sword when it comes to playing a Ramones-derivative style. Sure, it’s easy to play but it’s also easy to become stale. Countless bands take it on with varying degrees of success. I’m thankful for Dee Cracks because they totally get it. Simple and fun is the order. I really do like that new Screeching Weasel record, but, to be honest, this disc goes and knocks it outta the park. I hit play and I can’t stop bouncing around the room, and that is what this is all about! I might have to take issue with their trash talk on pizza and barbecue, but I guess I can’t knock it until I have myself some Ritalin for lunch. Look out Ben and Joe, Dee Cracks are coming outta Austria and they’re looking for you. The next heirs to the crown? I think they just might be!

 –ty (Stranglehold (Monster Zero)