DED WEIGHT #1: $?, 5½” x 8½”, 28 pgs.

Sep 30, 2014

“Oh god, fucking why” one might think, casually sifting through the pages of Ded Weight. Truly, Ded Weight belongs in the heavy-weight class of vulgar and crude comic books.The art is unpolished, simplistic, and gross. Think explosive diarrhea, a talking penis, and a cover with a man cutting his own genitalia off. Now, I, being the charming and sophisticated individual that I am, have the refined palate to digest such a fine piece of art. Though I didn’t think every one of its jokes landed, if you have a soft spot for toilet humor, Ded Weight is decent option. I would not hesitate to read more, but I couldn’t call it a good comic in the traditional sense. Grade: B+. –Bryan Static (1480 Pepperhill Dr., Florissant, MO63033)