DECONTROL: The Final War: CD

Jan 31, 2008

Great, loud hardcore, but two things really bug me about both this release: a) Why are the vocals buried so far back in the mix? Does the singer sound like a six-year-old girl or something? b) If you’re gonna put so much effort into being a band, why opt to ape Discharge instead of doing your own thing? Seems like such a cop out, you know? To be honest, I’ve got the same gripe with the whole “D-beat” thang: “Yeah, we’ve got a band, but we can’t think of a single original thought of our own, so we’ll just put some extra effort into sounding EXACTLY like some long-dead English punk band.” This is as bad as a Xerox reproduction. Yeah, tons of “classic” bands took their cues from Discharge, too, but the best of ‘em, including Mob 47, Krigshot and even the Fartz were able to put their own stamp on the template.

 –jimmy (Hardcore Holocaust)