DECKER: Rekced: LP

Jul 24, 2012

I’ve only recently become hip to the term “orgcore,” and from what I’ve been told this definitely meets the criteria of melodic punk with gruff-yet-passionate vocals and an affinity for folk music. Most if not all of the truly memorable moments occur on the second side of this record, though, as a whole, this is actually pretty darn good for what it is with extra props for the insightful and painfully honest lyrics. Truth be told, this is not typically my cup of tea. And while I do enjoy binge drinking and I am quite the slob, alas, I can’t grow a full beard and don’t like taking my shirt off in public places, so I will always be a spectator in this field. Still, grab your favorite beer coozie, roll up a fatty, and turn this mother up at your next weekday bbq.

 –Juan Espinosa (ADD)

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