Apr 29, 2016

Sweet surfer Rosa, from Santa Rosa, California that is! Just like a decent criminal, this band is very hard to pin down at first. The drums are so simple and yet complex. They utilize the one, two, one, two tap pattern on the snare that I just love. The bass is rumbly and driving. The guitars are bright and jovial. Oh yeah! The vocal harmonies from these dudes make me think they’ve never in their lives had to shout over the waves crashing on the shore. Maybe they’re more of a body board band, just getting their feet sandy before they jump into the crests with the real sharks. That’s not meant to be a slight in any way; I actually really love the melodies and cadence of this band, possibly more so than a straight-up party surf band. They’ve got just enough grit in them to show their roots lay somewhere else. There are just enough Joyce Manor-isms to place them somewhere else musically. I almost hear a bit of Toys That Kill here too, especially in “Sore.” Though it’s not quite up that pop punk alley, it may be on the next street over. This record has a handful of acoustic tracks that help round out a softer tone, much like a piece of newly formed beach glass. Remember punk in the mid-’80s when bands actually tried to sing? The Descendents and Bad Brains come to mind. Well, groups like this are shifting the tide to the next level of actually giving a shit about the vocals. Prepare to piss off sound men and women across the world. 

 –Kayla Greet (Endless Bummer, / Dump Truck)

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