Jan 28, 2009

Popped this puppy in, thought the guy screeching sounded familiar, and took a look at the band lineup. Holy shit, that’s Dan Kubinksi from Die Kreuzen shredding his lungs there! That’s a name I haven’t heard in at least a decade. The music is slow, sludgy pain rock/punk in the vein of bands like Unsane and Eyehategod, all dark and malevolent and sure to give you a headache in all the right ways. Dan doesn’t screech all the time like he used to back in the days of “Live Wire” or “Hate Me,” preferring here to wield it sparingly, relying more on actually singing with a voice that sometimes sounds strangely reminiscent of Kiss’ Paul Stanley; but when he lets loose with that howl, boy…. There’s some strong work put into this by all involved, and if they manage to stick it out for a while they could really turn some heads. Nice to hear you raising a ruckus again, Dan, and especially nice to hear it’s steeped in quality.

 –jimmy ([email protected])